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    I am paying for a pro membership, but still not getting pro benefits on here. I am upset because I have emailed and sent screenshot proof, and have received no reply.

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    Hi I’m really pissed off I have been paying for pro membership, but have not been getting pro benefits. Iv done so many songs and forced to delete them because I can’t save them iv spoken to Apple and they advised me to speak to u guys to fix my subscription so I can get what iv paid so much to have. I can’t even get the free month that is advertised it’s rediculous. I would kindly expect to hear from u very very soon because until it’s fixed I can’t use the app because I have a song recorded that this time I’d like to save and for me to do that I need to leave the last recording unfinished in pending in turn that stops me doing any other recordings. I’d like this fixed and sharpish please

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