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    Wendy Martin Pulsifer

    I hope soon you will add a feature to be able to join other Wurrly users :) . That would be awesome 😘

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    Hi Wendy! Thanks for your comment! That's a great idea! I will personally make sure this gets passed along to our founder. Please let us know if you have any other ideas or requests.

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    This is awesome idea but I will like to see if you guys can I come Spanish music Latin

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    Wurrly is an app of great potential, I want this app to be unstoppable. Like every other app it starts from the beginning. I recommend:
    1. Duet and Group Singing

    1. Available Songs for different country region; people tend to sing different songs nowadays especially Korean songs and Latest hip hops and different genres of music.

    2. A chat rooms for Wurrly users to chat

    3. In the next version of Wurrly I hope you guys come up with ideas for the app.
      I believe the app is meant for bigger things.
      From Fan
      Lawrence Josh

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    It would be nice to see a new songs category. I keep having to scroll down the whole list to see if there are any new songs. Thank you! Wurrly on!

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    Hi! Thank you, that's a great suggestion. Will definitely pass along!

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