I found a bug

We’re sorry to hear that you encountered a bug while using Wurrly. Our goal is to fix every bug that our users submit as soon as possible and to make sure the issue doesn’t happen again. In order to do this, we need your help, when you submit a bug, please submit as much information as possible when you email us at support@wurrly.com (Article)

Device manufacturer: iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy s5, etc.

iOS version: 8.1.1

Example of reporting steps

-A user creates a new account.

-A user goes to the Profile page.

-A user doesn't see his/her email under the profile picture.

-A user goes to the Edit Profile page.

-A user saves his profile.

-A user still does not see his/her email under the profile picture

-Send to support@wurrly.com


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